Sample preparation is the first and most essential step in obtaining a valid analysis.

Sample preparation is concerned with the production of a homogenous and representative sub-sample of the original material whilst minimizing the risk of contamination.

Contamination during sample preparation, if incorrectly monitored or ignored can produce large sample errors which cannot be rectified during subsequent operations.

The Agency’s Research and Development laboratories employ strict procedures for handling samples from the date of receipt, through the analytical program and finally in the archiving procedures. Facilities are routinely monitored to ensure contamination effects are reduced to a minimum.

Services carried out by this Unit are:  



Price / Sample (N)



Requirements / Conditions


Rock Cutting


3 Days

1. Application letter

2. Letter of Introduction from department /     institution for students.

3. Well-labelled samples.

4. Appropriate quantity of sample.

5. Nature of sample must be disclosed to        the Agency(hazardous or non hazardous)

6. Sample to be submitted to the marketing     section of corporate/ consultancy unit         Only.