Drilling & Other Engineering Services

The Agency’s drilling professionals have extensive experience on a diverse range of projects which results in fast, high-quality project design and implementation.

Geophysical Survey Services

All activities concerned with the Earth’s subsurface, like geological mapping, mineral exploration, groundwater development, environmental monitoring etc. involve the integrated and intelligent assembly & interpretation of many types of geoinformation.

Geochemical, Mineralogical and Petrographic Tests/ Analyses/Studies

The major factor which finally decides if a mineral deposit will ever be exploited is the technical ability of the engineer to produce saleable products at a socially acceptable cost.

Sample Preparation Services

Sample preparation is concerned with the production of a homogenous and representative sub-sample of the original material whilst minimizing the risk of contamination.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services rely increasingly on digital spatial data, acquired from remotely sensed images, analyzed by GIS and visualized on the computer screen or paper.

Surface Water & Groundwater Exploration

Surface Water & Groundwater Exploration: Our near nation-wide presence offers our clients the added benefit of local experience, resulting in cost effective and timely services.