Geological Service Department

This department is responsible for all the geological services rendered by the Agency. These services include cadastral survey/geographic information system GIS, geophysical survey, engineering geological investigation, hydrogeological investigation, and various laboratory services (geochemical and geotechnical). Iron and Ferro—alloys, as well as, Coal and Industrial Minerals Departments carry out their functions by effectively using the services of Geological Services department. The department is manned by geoscientist of wide range of specialization, including geophysicists, surveyors, hydrogeologists, engineering geologists, analytical chemists and mineral processing engineers.

Engineering Service Department

The mandate of the agency is mineral exploration. This cannot be effectively achieved without functional equipment component. The Agency has over the years acquired the critical machinery/equipment for bush clearing, road making, transportation, drilling, mobile service station, water delivery, electricity generation, pressurized-air delivery etc The department is therefore responsible for operations/maintenance of these machinery/equipment, as well as, the infrastructure Jibe Agency. The department handles all drilling programs including core drilling and water borehole drilling and has indeed established substantial reputation for drilling expertise. The department is responsible for mine design and development using data generated through exploration. It is manned by formidable and dedicated engineers and technologists specializing in various fields of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, electronic, mining and drilling.

Coal & Industrial Minerals Department

Coal & Industrial Minerals Department: The Coal & Industrial Minerals Department is manned by 25 experienced Geologists made up of specialists in various fields of geology including Industrial Mineralogy and Exploration geology. They operate from Exploration field bases located in Bauchi, Obi/Lafia (Nasarawa State), Owerri (Imo Sate) and Akure (Ondo State). The primary function of the Department is the exploration for Coking Coal, Refractory materials (clay, magnesite, bauxite, kyanite-sillimanite) fluxes (Limestone/Marble, dolomite, fluorspar) and foundry materials (silica sand, quartzite, zircon sand, graphite, talc).

Iron & Ferro-Alloy Department

To meet the 8 million tonnes of iron ore annual requirement of Ajaokuta and Delta Steel Plants (when fully operational) and being one of the primary inputs in the Steel making process, this department which is manned by 20 geoscientists is saddled with the task of exploring and evaluating all the iron ore occurrences in Nigeria and possibly beyond.

Administration Department

The Administration Department provides administrative and technical support in the areas of human resources (HR), budgetary, strategic planning, legal affairs, calls for tenders, facilities and security. The department, which is made up of general administration, human resource and supplies divisions is responsible for the administration of personnel of the agency including appointments, capacity building, recurrent and capital expenditures management. The activities of this department are targeted at effective acquisition, utilization and development of the Agency’s human resource for the purpose of accomplishing her goals.

Finance & Accounts Department

The department is responsible for the proper allocation/distribution and utilization of the available capital resources, effective acquisition for the purpose of achieving the expected functions of the agency.


PRS is one of the service Departments in the Agency. The Department is saddled with several responsibilities, including corporate and strategic planning (Rolling, Medium and Long term); keeping inventory of technical reports; monitoring and evaluation of Programmes, Projects and Plans Implementation; and routine processing of data and statistics relating to the operation of the agency.