Whereas the primary function of the Agency is the exploration of mineral raw material deposits for exploitation by the iron and steel industry, it also renders consultancy services to the public and private sector in the following areas:


  • Detailed exploration of mineral raw material deposits to establish reserves.
  • Mineral inventory surveys to establish available minerals and their modes of occurrence.
  • Geophysical survey for the delineation of ore bodies, establishment of structural controls, sitting of water borehole points etc.
  • Borehole coring using core drilling rigs.
  • Hydro-geological studies for the preparation of local and regional hydrogeological maps.
  • Drilling for industrial and potable water supply.
  • Geotechnical studies of rock formations and soils for the determination of their physical and mechanical properties.
  • Dam site investigation and construction.
  • Environmental impact assessment and pollution control.
  • Chemical and mineralogical analyses of rock samples using XRF, AAS and XRD.
  • Opographic and cadastral surveys.
  • Map digitization.

For further information:

Mr M.K. Ogunbiyi