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Detailed exploration of mineral raw material and resource evaluation

Detailed Exploration of mineral raw material and Resource Evaluation

Sustainable development of a Country’s mineral resources is generally seen as a key factor in economic growth. However, mineral resources first need to be discovered, and then the more promising discoveries require detailed investigation if their economic potential is realized. The search for mineral resources relies on conceptual models and modern technologies. Selection of suitable search areas is based on a thorough knowledge of the concept of ore genesis and the geological terrains likely to host particular types of mineral deposits. Evaluating the economic potential of a mineral resource relies on increasing computer based techniques such a geo-statistics, geometric modeling, volumetric characterization and 3-dimensional visualization. The Agency’s professionals have extensive experience on a diverse range of projects which results in fast, high-quality project design and implementation.

Our services in this area include:

·         Exploring mineral deposits and evaluating their ore reserves and economic potential.

·         Geochemical mineral prospecting surveys.

·         Evaluating the social and environmental consequences of mineral development.

·         Environmental impact analysis of minerals and their exploitation.

·         Employing geoinformation systems to handle exploration geo-data and interpretation.

·         Mineral inventory survey and documentation. 


Mineral Exploration and Resource Evaluation:








Requirements / Conditions


Reconnaissance Survey:

Regional Geological Mapping / Traversing on various scales

Per 50 Cadastral Units 


4 Weeks

1. Application letter

2. Mineral tittle/ EPL



Detailed Geological Mapping

1 x 1km2


4 Weeks


Well Logging/ Sampling

Per Meter


4 Weeks




Core Technologies

  • Push & Safe Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Reliability and Safety Assessment

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