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Drilling and other engineering service

Drilling and Other Engineering Services: 


The Agency’s drilling professionals have extensive experience on a diverse range of projects which results in fast, high-quality project design and implementation.

Our Services in this area include:      








Requirements / Conditions


Mineral Exploration Drilling

Dependent on variables such as geological and / or geophysical information.

-      On soft formations such as coal deposits and host rocks, N25,000.00 per Meter,

-      On hard formations such as iron ore deposits, N30, 000.00 per Meter.

Dependent on varying factors such as: Depth of Boreholes, Number of Boreholes, topography / Terrain, Geological Formation, etc

-        1. Application letter

2. Mineral tittle/ EPL


Access Road Construction

Costing is inclusive of mobilization and demobilization of equipment to and from the field and personnel(S) Duty Tour Allowances (DTA).

Dependent on terrain and distance to be covered.

Core Technologies

  • Push & Safe Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Reliability and Safety Assessment

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