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The DG/CE and NSRMEA's competent person including the project supervisor, project team leaders for Block 3,4,5 and Geo-Kooy's team with their CP on a field visit to some iron ore locations for assessment of work done.

The Project team leader for Enale-Ankpa iron ore resource giving an explanation on the ore

mineralization in the area.



Geo-Kooy's Competent Person taking a shot on Enale-Ankpa iron ore sample.


GeoKooy's CP using a magnetic swing to test how magnetic this particular iron ore at Adogo is;

while the NSRMEA's CP is is taking a snap of the outcrop


The visiting team of professionals approaching the Tajimi iron ore resource ridge with the project team

leader for the site leading. 


 The visiting team of professionals examining some of the iron ore Boulders at Tajimi Iron ore resource.


The team of professionals right on top of the ridge, examining the different ores and rock types.


NSRMEA's CP standing by the massive iron ore body in Tajimi Iron ore resource site.


The team of professionals exchanging ideas on the Tajimi iron ore resource.


NSRMEA CP and NSRMEA project supervisor having a pose with the Tajimi village head after

exchanging pleasantries.