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About Us

National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency came into existence as the Exploration and Mining Division of the defunct Nigerian Steel Development Authority (NSDA), which was established by Decree 19 of 1971. It later became a corporate body through the enactment of decree 49 of 1992, with mandate amongst others to carry out the exploration of steel raw materials in all parts of Nigeria and elsewhere for the iron and steel industry, and to establish and execute a steel raw materials base for the country.

The Departments

  • Coal & Industrial Minerals Department:

    Exploring for coaking coal, refractory minerals, fluxes and foundry minerals.

  • Engineering Services Department:

    Responsible for operation / maintenance of earth moving machines, drilling rigs and heavy machineries.

  • Financial & Human Resource Department:

    Administration of personnel and finances.

  • Geological Services Department:

    Responsible for all geological services rendered by the agency such as GIS, Surveys, Engineering Geological Studies, Hydrogeological & Geophysical Investigations, Laboratory Analysis for physical and geochemical properties of rocks and soils.

  • Iron & Ferro - Alloys Department:

    Exploring and evaluating all iron ores and other metallic mineral occurrences in Nigeria.

Our Core Operations / Functions

The Agency is saddled with the primary responsibility of sourcing minerals for the steel industry. It also generates reliable databank for the solid mineral sector and proffers detailed Geo-Mechanical attributes of earth materials to enhance safe and economic exploitations.

Our Core Values / Services

  • Geological Mapping
  • Datailed Mineral Exploration
  • Core Drilling
  • Ore Reserve Estimation
  • Engineering Geological Investigations for foundation appraisal
  • Dams
  • Mine Design
  • Geophysical / Hydrogeological Studies and
  • Composite Laboratory Analysis for Earth Materials.


Our Vision

To be a world class Geo-Scientific Information Center for investors and researchers in the solid mineral sector through the collective efforts of well trained, dedicated and motivated workforce that is technological driven and focused.

Our Mission

To generate reliable raw materials Data-Bank for investors in the solid minerals sector through effective and efficient detailed exploration.

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Kaduna State, Nigeria

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18 Rabah Road, P.M.B. 2140, Malali Village, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

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