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National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency - NSRMEA (The Overview)

Welcome to National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency (NSRMEA), the outfit that generates mineral raw materials database for iron, steel and other solid mineral based industries through detailed exploration.

Many mineral raw materials like iron ore, coking coal, limestone, dolomite, refractory alumino silicates, fluorspar, magnesite, chromite, manganese are required to produce steel.

NSRMEA is a geo-scientific information centre for investors and researchers in the solid minerals sector, through the collective efforts of well trained, dedicated and motivated workforce that is technologically driven and focused.

Corporate Profile

Coal & Industrial Minerals Department

The Coal & Industrial Minerals Dept. is manned by 25 experienced Geologists made up of specialists

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Engineering Service Department

The mandate of the Agency is mineral exploration. This cannot be effectively achieved without functional equipment component

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Geological Services Department

This department is responsible for all the geological services rendered by the Agency

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Iron & Ferro Alloy Department

To meet the 8 million tonnes of iron ore annual requirement of Ajaokuta and Delta Steel Plants

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Financial & Human Resource Department

The department, which is made up of general Administration/Human Resources Management and Finance/Supplies division

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Map Digitizing Services

Surveying and mapping remain useful tools for management and decision making on matters affecting the environment

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Geophysical Services

The Geophysics Unit uses naturally occurring fields and artificially generated perturbations

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Hydrogeological Services

In addition to undertaking portable water borehole drilling for some host communities

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Consultancy Services

Whereas the primary function of the Agency is the exploration of mineral raw material deposits

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Case Studies

Inclined Drilling at JARUWA Iron Ore Deposit.

There are 2 main groups of materials required in iron and steel production - the iron and steel making materials and the refractory materials for lining the furnace. Most of these materials which occur in Nigeria have not been fully explored in order to qualify, quantify and characterize them for exploitation.


  • Iron Ore Exploration
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Minerals Resources Exploration

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